World Through Alien’s Eyes

World Through Alien’s Eyes

I haven’t seen this movie, UNDER THE SKIN, yet, but I’m going to buy it next week when it’s released on video.

Most teenagers feel a bit alienated — but the idea in here that the whole world is viewed from an alien’s eyes might be a way of thinking about what it means to have a personality disorder.

I think I told you I was diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder.  I went to the National Institute of Mental Health’s hospital for diagnosis when I was 27, and this description from their website —

— especially that list of symptoms — is exactly what I was like all during my twenties till they gave me  chemical cosh meds. When I went off my meds 2006/7, all those symptoms, one by one, came back to bite me in the ass.

Being like that, and pretending you’re not like that, definitely makes you feel alien.  I still see the world as if through a glass, and still pretend I don’t think the way I do.

Might help with thinking about the show.