The planning

The planning

Messages between Darren (the Director) and Cheryl :

Hi Darren,

If it helps, what it feels like when the breakdowns start, is that it’s as if I’m as frozen emotionally as the watcher in the snow in THE SNOW MAN or Caroline in CAROLINE SAYS II, then suddenly all these totally out of control emotions break through. Impulse control disappears, and I fall in love with someone totally bad for me and to me. And when I come out of it again, it’s impossible to believe it ever happened. And I am pretty much frozen emotionally again — sometimes more, sometimes less, but not at all capable of those wild swings in mood anymore [mood swings around as if I were a child — crying one minute and fine the next – like thunderstorms in a tropical zone].

That’s what I want to illustrate or recreate in the piece.

Does that make sense?




This is very clear!!!!! I can so relate!!! so beautifully put as well

I had an initial crazy idea of setting it around a fridge/freezer as can use as a projection screen and also take stuff out of also food as a afrodisiac and position allot like love
Use of fridge magnets
also stuff being frozen