Louis CK on Sadness

Louis CK on Sadness

I really like the Louis CK bit that’s in this article, because of the attitude he has to sadness.  Like the article says, it’s really matter-of-fact and not self-absorbed or self-pitying.  It’s just that life is sad sometimes, and everybody gets a slice of that.

I think this is clip is really funny, and it’s because he doesn’t whine about it, he sees what’s funny about pulling over because you can’t drive because listening to a song has made you so sad.

That’s what it’s like for me — the depression is dreadful, but it makes me do such funny things.  Really absurd, really out there, but funny.  Writing 20 first pages and going back to the very first one is so ridiculous — that’s what will save the show from being whiny.  I have a true dread of whiny.

I know you know this, but I wanted to share this bit.  Really nails it.